Nisan Mikra 1.6i automatik   - 20 %
Model: Nisan Mikra 1.6i automatik
Year of manufacture: 2015
Doors: 5
Consumption: 8.7 l /100km
Luggage: 1 big-size and 2 little-size
Extras: automatic, CD, ABS, Air-cond
per 1 day: 35 euro
2 to 9 days: 25 euro
over 9 days: 20 euro
deposit: 250 euro
monthly rent: 550 euro
BMW 116 i   - 10 %
Model: BMW 116 i
Year of manufacture: 2016
Doors: 5
Consumption: 7l/100km
Luggage: 1 big-size and 2 little-size suitcases
Extras: Air-conditioning ,CD,Navigation,ABS
per 1 day: 45 euro
2 to 9 days: 35 euro
over 9 days: 30 euro
deposit: 300 euro
monthly rent: 600 euro
About Us
MC Autorent has been offering for more than 10 years to its clients cars for rent on different occasions: tourism, business visits, weddings, transfers under very competitive conditions:
  • rich variety choices to pick: Mercedes, Audi, Toyota, Opel, Seat, Peugeot, Reanault, VW, Land Rover

  • discounts for regular clients

  • limitless mileage

  • possibility to use our cars abroad

  • if a car is rented for more of 3 days, the car can be delivered to a specified address in Sofia at no charge

  • a professional driver is available for hire

  • a car can be reserved by phone, fax or e-mail
  • GPS navigation for only 1 Euro per day
  • We keep only current models because we want you to feel comfortable and safe while traveling
  • Also we have the best selection of cars in Bulgaria
  • If you want to enjoy the beauty of Bulgarian nature, rent a car from MC-Autorent
  • By choosing our cars for rent we guarantee you best quality for reasonable prices.
  • Rent a car is useful not only for business trips but when you are on vacation with family and friends.
  • It’s our greatest pleasure to offer you car rental for all different occasions: vacation, business trip or excursion
  • Rent a car of your choosing by MC-Autorent services.
  • Our first priority is to listen to recommendations of our clients who can rely on us for a complete support in case of emergency.
  • It’s our pleasure to be your partners and we would like to help you have safe and comfortable trip
  • Do not lose your time and rent a car from us.

What is the service that MC-Autorent offers?
We, the representatives of MC-Autorent are offering a convenient service to rent a car from us. You choose comfortable car of your taste for convenient for you period of time…and you are ready to go anywhere you want. Rent a car today! Take advantage of our discounts.
You can rent from MC-Autorent all brands and models for a period of time at your convenience. Renting a car cane be easier if you reserve your car in advance. Our representatives are thriving to provide the best customer service possible. When using our services renting a car would be pleasurable for you. We will immerse you in luxury and comfort. The service that we provide – rent a car, would be perfect for yor either for vacation or business. Rent a car from MC-Autorent for more than 3 days and you will get a free delivery of the car within city limits. You have the ability to rent a car from us for overseas trim also. You may take advantage of the convenience of being driven by one of our professional drivers. We from MC-Autorent have found a solution for you how to save by using our discounts instead of spending significant amounts for buying your own car. Our service at MC-Autorent consist of speed, convenience and safety and we are leaders in that in the country. Rent a car from us and you will be charmed by us and our services. Renting a car from MC-Autorent has never been easier, it’s only few clicks away on your computer.

Contact Us

Phone.: (+359 2) 818 31 27, Monday-Friday
(+359 2) 818 31 28, Monday-Friday
Mobile: 0888 513 928 , Monday-Sunday
Address: 3, Luna Paprat St., Boiana, Sofia

Cars of the Day

WV Touran automatic

Consumption: 7/100

Price: 40 Euro / per day


BMW 116 i

Consumption: 7l/100km

Price: 45 euro / per day


Mercedes S350 L 4x4

Consumption: 9.2 l /100km

Price: 239 euro / per day


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