General conditions

General conditions

  • Valid driving license and ID card.
  • The car id given to a client with full tank of petrol and should be returned with full tank also. If the tank is not full the missing petrol is paid 1 Euro/litter.
  • If the client is paying by credit card to the final price is going to be added 4%
  • The deposit and rental price is paid in the beginning when the contract is signed.
  • The price to hire a driver is 20 Euro per day plus hotel room and board.

Requirements for renting a car for overseas trip

  • The client pays for a Green Card insurance.
  • The client pays for full car insurance for overseas trip.
  • The client pays double deposit.

Delivery of the vehicle

  • In Sofia on any address is Free if the car is rented for more than 3 days.
  • From any other address in Bulgaria – 0.20 Euro/km.

Full insurance do not cover in case

  • If a driver uses alchohol, drugs or other prescription drugs.
  • If there is already a body damage of car, damaged tires.
  • The car is damaged on purpose.


  • If a car is rented more than 5 times – 3% discount
  • If a car is rented more than 10 times – 7% discount
  • If a car is rented more than 15 times – 10% discount
  • If a car is rented more than 25 times – 15% discount and no deposit

Additional equipment – Free of charge

  • Child chair
  • Snow chain
  • Ski rack

Contact Us

Phone.: (+359 2) 818 31 27, Monday-Friday
(+359 2) 818 31 28, Monday-Friday
Mobile: 0888 513 928 , Monday-Sunday
Address: 3, Luna Paprat St., Boiana, Sofia

Cars of the Day

WV Touran automatic

Consumption: 7/100

Price: 40 Euro / per day



Consumption: 9,3 l/100km

Price: 140 euro / per day


Mercedes S350 L 4x4

Consumption: 9.2 l /100km

Price: 239 euro / per day


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