Тhe minimal period for renting of our vehicles is 24 hours. This means that the prices for rent a car are for one day.
MC-Autorent offers the service of a qualified drivers. If a client needs to rent a car with a driver then the price per day includes price to rent a car plus to hire the driver
Reservation for cars for rent from MC-Autorent can be done by phone, fax, e-mail or in person – see below

Phone/Fax reservations:
Fax: 957 10 22; 957 14 39
Phone: 0888 572 782; 0888 618 005

If you decide to reserve a car by e-mail this needs to be done 3 days in advance. In your letter you should include the following information:

  • Specify the make, type and model of the car of your choosing
  • Inform us if you want to use the car overseas
  • If you need to hire a qualified driver
  • The period you need to rent the car
  • Contact information: tel, fax
  • GPS navigation
The third way to make a reservation is in person. Please come to our office’s address: MC-Autorent, 15A, Prohlada St., Boiana, Sofia
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Contact Us

Phone.: (+359 2) 818 31 27, Monday-Friday
(+359 2) 818 31 28, Monday-Friday
Mobile: 0888 513 928 , Monday-Sunday
Address: 3, Luna Paprat St., Boiana, Sofia

Cars of the Day

WV Touran automatic

Consumption: 7/100

Price: 40 Euro / per day


Nisan Mikra 1.6i automatik

Consumption: 8.7 l /100km

Price: 40 euro / per day


Mercedes S350 L 4x4

Consumption: 9.2 l /100km

Price: 239 euro / per day


Rent a Cars - Reservations